comScore MMX Multi-Platform

comScore Media Metrix Multi-Platform® is now UKOM's official data of record - the source of UK industry standard online audience measurement.

Providing insights into the Total Digital Population, Media Metrix Multi-Platform® combines comScore’s best-of-breed measurement products to provide unduplicated, person-centric reporting of audiences across computer, smartphone and tablet properties, and via browser or app access. Understand audience size, composition and engagement on metrics that matter for advertisers, and demonstrate the scale and frequency offered by your media entities to advertising partners and investors.

Product Benefits

  • Uncover Total Digital Populations and platform-by-platform breakdowns for publishers or categories.
  • See how users on mobile platforms overlap or complement computer audiences.
  • Understand demographics and engagement of platform audiences for editorial development or pitching for advertising budgets.
  • Compare Multi-Platform usage against categories or competitors.


comScore Media Metrix Multi-Platform® is the UKOM-approved product for UK online multi-platform audience measurement.


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