Getting data

All subscriptions to UKOM-approved comScore services include access to the MyComScore tool, which offers analysis to all your data services, plus reach & frequency planning if you opt into this tool. If you don't have a login, please contact the comScore customer service team

Media planning, sales, marketing and research teams often use one of the media research bureau systems to analyse audience data for other media. UKOM-approved comScore services are available through Telmar, Nielsen IMS and KMR Software tools.

UKOM-approved data is also incorporated into other industry surveys. IPA TouchPoints is a unique, consumer-focused, multi-media database which has been produced in response to the needs of the communications industry, specifically to provide insights into how people use all media. It is used by planning and sales teams across the industry to plan campaigns across media, saving time and improving accuracy. UKOM-approved data is incorporated into the tool for subscribers.

The NRS Print and Digital Data (PADD) project provides a single database for planning across print and digital platforms of NRS publisher brands.


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