As subscribers to UKOM-approved services, you get secure online access to data and tools via comScore MyMetrix, full customer support and training, as well as the reassurance of knowing that comScore services are approved and validated regularly on your behalf by UKOM and its committees.

Fees for UKOM-approved services are set according to an industry-wide ratecard. A ratecard ensures that all subscribers pay a fair amount relative to their digital advertising income (in the case of media owners) or estimated billings (in the case of agencies). The ratecard has been set in agreement with UKOM, and restricts average comScore prices to their pre-UKOM level, plus a capped RPI inflationary increase. Discounts are offered for multi-product or multi-year subscriptions.

Part of your fees include a 12.5% "UKOM supplement". This pays for the key improvements to comScore services required by the industry, our use of the NRS as an enumeration survey source, and the annual costs of running UKOM which account for roughly one fifth of the supplement.


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