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UKOM is co-owned by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Association of Online Publishers (AOP), but balances this with equal buy-side representation from the IPA and ISBA on its Board to ensure all sides of the industry are equitably represented. UKOM has an independent Chair, Douglas McArthur.

A governance structure that offers the cross-industry consensus of a JIC, but with the flexibility needed for an industry in a constant state of change. 

UKOM’s Governance Charter requires us to hold at least nine Board meetings per year, interspersed with consultative meetings with our industry Technical and Commercial Boards. These advisory bodies comprise expert representatives of subscriber companies each representing one of the IAB, AOP or IPA as a whole.

Ultimately, the four bodies that steer UKOM governance are IAB (represented by its Chief Executive Guy Phillipson), AOP (by Managing Director Richard Reeves), IPA (by Research Director Lynne Robinson) and ISBA (by Director of Media & Advertising Mark Finney).

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