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The 2013-15 UKOM contract with comScore is based on industry consultation and consensus, so we involve the industry heavily in policing it.

The Board is ultimately responsible for ensuring the delivery of a trusted measurement system, so all sides of the industry are equally involved. The shareholders IAB and AOP are joined in every Board meeting by representatives from the buy side, IPA (representing agencies), and ISBA (representing advertisers). Equal representation ensures a fair balance between the needs of publishers and their clients, and we have an independent chairman in Douglas McArthur OBE, whose industry experience and relationships are vital for UKOM.

“UKOM's stakeholders operate a wide range of business models from digital pure-plays to traditional media companies and agencies with growing digital interests. Balancing the needs of all of them requires constant consultation”James Smythe, UKOM General Manager

Reporting to the UKOM Board are two advisory groups: the Technical Group and the Commercial Group.

The Technical Group is responsible for working through the full detail of approved service methodologies to ensure that these are fit for purpose. Comprising the heads of research of a dozen customer companies (publishers and media owners), this group brings unparalleled expertise of both media research and the day to day requirements of its users. Members represent IAB, AOP or IPA at at least eight meetings a year, and are nominated by their trade body (see contacts for more details)

The Commercial Group meets four times a year and is responsible for ensuring that approved services are commercially suitable. This means advising the Board and comScore on commercial terms, but also on which potential new services would be commercially valuable enough to invest in. Here's what the Commercial Group has discussed recently.


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