Product approval

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Final decisions on which comScore products are approved rests in the hands of the UKOM Board. But, its decisions on technical performance, commercial terms and market acceptance are made after recommendations from the industry Technical and Commercial Groups.

A new product, such as Multi Platform, starts the approval process with a methodology concept. The principles and workings are presented to the Technical Group, who advise on potential weaknesses in the methodology and send questions back to comScore. To give you an idea of the extent of these questions, over 250 were asked by the Technical Group and answered by comScore over the second half of 2012.

Following responses by comScore, the methodology is reviewed for a second time by the Technical Group, before a recommendation on "provisional approval" to the Board. Approval is still provisional at this stage, because we want the data produced to pass common sense tests.

In parallel, comScore present a commercial proposal to the Board for how much the new service would cost to subscribers. The Board consult with the Commercial Group on whether the product is likely to be accepted on these terms, assuming full approval is secured.

The final stage of approval comes with the assessment of beta data, where the Technical Group test the resulting data against their own internal sources, past comScore data, public data and simple common sense. Assuming there can be no reasonable technical challenges to the data, a final approval is made to the Board. This approval may include the requirement to introduce further enhancements to an agreed timetable, as well as to maintain current technical standards.


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