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‘UKOM Insights’ provides data, analysis and commentary on the behaviour of the UK’s online population, using UKOM-approved comScore data.  This includes quarterly snapshots on the state of the UK digital landscape and regular insight into consumers’ online habits analysed by demographics, categories & devices.

18-24s and Traditional News Brands

The role of social media sites in breaking news and influencing readers has never been greater and few would disagree that it had a big part to play in the recent UK General Election.  It’s no secret that the print newspaper industry is struggling as paid news is on the decline – especially among younger audiences.  Fake news has also hit the headlines in the last year as the vast reach of social media sites facilitates widespread distribution of uncorroborated stories in minutes. This month, UKOM looks at the significance of traditional news brands in the online lives of young audiences.

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UKOM publishes Q2 2017 UK Digital Market Overview report

UKOM’s quarterly snapshot of digital audience trends provides detailed insights into the UK’s top performing websites, mobile and video properties. Each report includes total Multi-Platform measures (UVs, minutes), as well as breakdowns by device (PC/smartphone/tablet).

Over 50 million users accessed the internet via their desktop, smartphone and tablet devices in June 2017.

  • Smartphone share of online minutes is back up to 50% - last witnessed in December 2016
  • Parents spend a greater share of their time online (57%) on smartphones compared to non-parents (47%) but share continues to be highest among young adults (63% for 18-24s)
  • Two categories grew significantly for both time online and visitors in June: Politics & Weather.
  • The UK General Election contributed to the uplifts for the Politics category since March which grew by 36% in terms of unique visitors and 33% for time online. Reach increased by 13% points between May and June 2017 alone. This uplift was similar to the previous General Election in May 2015 (+ 15.5% pts) but much lower than Brexit in June 2016 (+26% pts) The Guardian & BBC were the major beneficiaries - both adding 3.8 million visitors to their politics news channels in election month.
  • Britain had its hottest day for 40 years on 21st June and the heatwave helped drive increases to weather sites and apps which saw visitor numbers up 65% compared to March.
  • The main UK news sites also witnessed big gains as major stories (General Election, terrorist attacks and Grenfell Tower) dominated headlines. However, the overall category didn’t increase as the US titles e.g. USA Today, Washing Post & NY Times all had lower visitor numbers than March, as consumers turned their attention to events closer to home.

Read more or download the whole UKOM Digital Market Overview - June 2017 .pdf here.



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